Transport Management System


MRC is one of India's largest most structured Logistics Service Providers. Over the years, they have evolved to become an integral part of the supply chain of many industries. MRC has a turnover of Rs. 500 cr.

MRC delivers actual value through a consultative approach and helps end-users concentrate entirely on their core business competencies. MRC offers tailor-made solutions to augment the efficiency of their customerís supply chain process. Over the last four decades, MRC has developed cutting-edge and well-implemented methodologies to provide excellence in all segments of logistics management with more than 500+ satisfied customers.

Challenges faced

The direct support of any organization's supply chain procedures is logistics management. With technology and trends changing rapidly, it's critical for businesses to keep on top of the latest developments and align their business goals. The challenges faced were

  • There was a lack of transparency about status, inventory, and deadlines. They had a typical TMS for all customers.
  • There was a lack of real-time input and monitoring, thus requiring GPS tracking.
  • Customer demand customized TMS as per their ERP.
  • Customers required E-waybill Integration.

To overcome the MRC logistics' roadblocks, the company needed to adopt a standard enterprise-wide system environment. Furthermore, selecting an optimal and complete solution can provide significant value to the organization.

The Solution

Integrating ERP into transportation and logistics to optimize the administrative and operational environment has several advantages. The software was required for more effective organization management, which resulted in the integration of many functions that influenced the business's success.

Oyster provided the following solutions to MCR Logistics

  • Given customized TMS in a short span of 15 days.
  • Integrated GPS for the actual location.
  • Integrated with CN generation to delivery cycle.
  • E-waybill integration with third-party APIs.
  • Generated customized reports like E-waybill Report, Operational Report, and Expense Revenue Report.

The Results

The company implemented Oyster's ERP technology to centralize all work in one place. Changes were noticeable almost immediately following the implementation process. Finally, the MRC team was able to accomplish the following results

  • It resulted in significant cost savings and improved business operations.
  • Customers were delighted with the customized solution.
  • Rise in customer base as 15+ new customers were associated with MRC in 6 months.