VR Paint Simulation


Paints have often attracted humans. Paints and coatings witnessed remarkable growth as a result of the industrial revolution and the development of the automobile industry. In today's world, paints are really important. Everyday objects, aircraft, ships, and automobiles, need some form of color. Spray guns were used instead of brushes, which drastically reduced drying and painting time while also greatly improving the paint finish quality.

This case study is about one of our clients, a leading organization that provides turnkey projects in Surface Finishing and Water Leak Test Systems to well-known Indian and international automotive OEMs and general engineering firms. Since its inception, the company has worked hard to become one of the most trusted manufacturers of cutting-edge paint shops and shower testers all over the world. With over two decades of experience in Surface Technology, the organization is capable of delivering projects with short turnaround times because of its skills and ability. The organization is known for its quality, design abilities, modern industry practices, customer commitments, and proven track record.

Challenges faced

The challenges faced by the organization are

  • Lack of skilled labors nearby paint booths
  • Quality of work was not up to the mark
  • Wastage of paint in training the workers
  • Increased cost of training labor and material cost
  • Spraying liquids carries a number of subtle risks, including the risk of fire or explosion and hazardous to people.

The Solution

A superior paint job, particularly in any industry, can convert a product into a one-of-a-kind product. Oyster tried to create a balance by combining sustainability, economic viability, and craftsmanship to provide the solution to its client. Virtual reality and its effective application in manufacturing engineering are simply one of several important technological advancements. Material, technique, and design all come together in the painting process.

For the customer business, Oyster created a virtual painting training solution. In the virtual spraying booth, the person practice, test, and experience the painting process using VR glasses and a real paint sprayer. A high degree of simulation is also provided. As a result, the painting project can be done by maintaining the quality, while reducing the time and paint of the customer.

This provides real-time information on all relevant factors, such as

  • Spray angle
  • Speed of spray
  • Distance
  • Thickness of paint

In this case, virtual stimulation is used instead of traditional training approaches. In the training simulation, the actual paint application is taken into consideration and indicated by distinct colors. As a result, no paint is wasted, and reworking is limited to the areas that require it. This is both cost-effective and provides consistent excellent quality.

The Results

Oyster gave hands-on training without the spray booth, materials, setup, hassle, or equipment that are often associated with a coating project. Spraying and painting without paint mist, fumes, or dirty hands is now possible, making it a clean process for both the worker and the environment. As a result, the organization completed the coating tasks quickly and easily. The given virtual paint solution is customized and can be used for any industry and for any size of the product.