Customer Trends You Need To Know

Customer Trends You Need To Know

Consider this - Almost 85% of global customer have smartphones, nearly 10% own wearable’s, more than 50% have tablets, and 7% own all three. This Customer landscape has evolved so rapidly and is constantly redefining the market. The consumers of today are tech savvy, indecisive, have high standards, young and rich. These are the masks they wear and it strikes an ever-increasing challenge to marketers.

As market realities change and create new faces of customers with each passing day, the answer lies in technology and psychology - getting into the mind of the consumer to unveil what customers really want.

Customer Mobility

The average person checks their mobile device 100 times a day, according to IDC Always Connected report. This, says the report, makes mobiles an important channel for brands to connect with people, especially in Southeast Asia.

Today’s hyper-connected customer expects businesses to have a mobile presence and would most probably look past companies that don’t have one. They want to do everything through their smart phones, and that’s why you need to ensure that your company grabs their attention.

Businesses are resorting to sell their wares through chat platforms, which are increasingly becoming more of a sales channel more than just an instant messaging platform.

Social Media Reach

According to a study customer check Facebook 12 times a day. That’s an incredible opportunity for sales to convert those Facebook visits to potential leads by pointing the right audience with the right product.

Nothing has prejudiced the modern buyer’s mind more than social media. There’s a reason why there are marketing groups and research analysts whose primary responsibility is to scrounge through social media and read between the lines.

Concepts like customer sentiment analysis have become popular as marketers are trying to track the connection between brand affinities with brand perception. Customer are constantly talking about brands and products and services they love—and more importantly, what really gets their goat, on like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Nobody wants to be just another face in the crowd. Buyers today want to stand out and be noticed. That’s why having their own identity—particularly in the virtual world—is all the rage these days.

Today, customers expect businesses to understand their specific needs and speak to them with a degree of familiarity.

The normal customer goes through at least five touch points before converting. That’s a long sales cycle and businesses can no longer afford that. That’s where targeted marketing—like programmatic marketing—steps in.

Take for instance, product recommendation features—like the people you may know feature—on Facebook and Amazon that prompt buyers. This helps consumer’s look at possibilities they didn’t know existed. That’s something modern buyers are beginning to expect.

- Author: Sandeep Gonjari

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