What Makes Responsive Web Design so Important

What Makes Responsive Web Design so Important

“Smartphones are getting smarter day by day” is a common phrase of the century. Yet there’s more to come along, smartphones no doubts have evolved powerfully. Technological enhancements in smarthphones advances every day to give user the more friendly appeal. Since the exploration of cyberspace, the web has grown as an effective and powerful tool in the last 5 years. Name anything from networking to mobile computing internet exhibits popular demeanor.

The point of discussion here is not how the web has grown or how the smartphones have advanced!

The point here is how a website is made mobile compatible??

With so much of advancement around, can a website with desktop configuration; run with same configuration in another environment?

Yes, there’s something interesting to be answered.

That’s where “Responsive web design” comes into the picture. Nobody had ever thought two decades ago, that, internet one day will be a child’s play.

What Exactly is Responsive Design?

Users are always happy if they are offered more than one solution. Solution in aspects of web. Users always prefer easy way when it comes to browsing. Designers must make sure the dimensions of the site always go compatible in the mobile environment. The site does well with the desktop environment and goes blunt when loaded on mobile.

Well, then this isn’t the responsive design!

A responsive site adjusts itself when the user switches the site from his laptop to mobile. The site gets adjusted automatically to the screen resolution and pixel of the user’s mobile without any interruption.

Therefore, a website is responsive only when it is compatible to run in mobile environment and goes well with its screen resolution, the same as it would do on laptop.

Understanding Mobile Website Usage:

While designing these types of sites, developers play an important role. The forecasts and prediction for the site should be a well designed matrix. Developers even have to run tests to check whether the site goes well with any new mobile update. What users expect; is to have an easy access to website with a good speed.

Not exactly calculations, but array of decisions by developers should prove the quality of the site when the site is live.

Varying Designs for E-commerce:

E-commerce industry is a booming industry. With introduction of new apps every day, e-commerce makes a remarkable milestone. No person on this planet remains untouched by e-commerce.

Every other person has some story to share. Earlier, there were simple static websites with no bells and whistles, but in a period of time e-commerce websites have gained too much of importance & these days businesses too rely on websites.

By using a responsive website you’ve just added additional 5-10% ROI.

E-commerce websites such as Amazon, flipkart, snapdeal and many other offer responsiveness which boosts their business.

Hence, responsive web designs have emerged as a boon for e-commerce industry.

Last but not the least, Responsive web design will outcast the traditional website patterns and it will surely explode opportunities for the e-commerce industry.

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