Why sketching is important before website designing?

Why sketching is important before website designing?

There are many foundation courses taught in design school. And it’s no shock that big companies and startups are attractive a back-to-basics method to their design processes.

Whether you are all-time sketcher or have serious drawing ‘slices,’ being able to use paper to discover new thoughts is an important talent in the design field.

Not a problem! The correspondent power of the pencil isn’t gone. In this device-focused time, there’s still amply of room for a modest, proven design method.

In detail, sketching gives you the flexibility to finesse and make iterative, the new designs without blowing the economical on fully realized spec-work.

Whether you’re a big company or freelancer, being able to communicate ideas to customers with a quick drawing is an appreciated tool.

Why hand drawing?

Sketching has some benefits to digital wire-frames or even digital drawing. It’s portable, friendly, creative and time-tested. There’s nothing easier than paper and pencil - or pen.

I’ve found, too, that customer has a habit to find the work informal enough that they can suggest changes and make edits. Fully rendered work look “finished” or nearly complete. I think that can hamper a customer’s willingness to propose improvements or changes.

Hand drawings are open; informal… you can erase them and change them. By sketching, you can do fast, almost train-of-thought progress to get your ideas down rapidly. It works on-the-fly, so you can use less billable hours at the monitor and more time creating ideas.

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